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You will be sent full terms and conditions which you will need to acknowledge acceptance of prior to us confirming your booking.


Some points to consider!


* We require free and easy access to erect the castle booked.


* If required for outdoor use there must be a clean, flat lawn area.  We will NOT    site castles on hard surfaces outdoors.


* You will need to check that your chosen site is suitable for the size of the castle    booked. We require 5 feet clearance behind the castle for the fan.


* We will require a power supply within 25 metres of the castle.


* You will need to ensure there is adequate adult supervision at all times.  You will    be responsible for any injury or damage whilst the castle is on hire to you.


* We will require cash payment in full on delivery of the castle.  We do not ask      for a deposit.


* We reserve the right to cancel a booking if the site is not safe or there is high     wind/very bad weather.


* We have £5 million public liability insurance (copy of which can be provided).  Though you may wish to take out your own cover!

Terms & Conditions

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you

may have

contact uTel: 01522703361  Txt: 07549203672